Welcome to the SS Interleague website which primarily exists as an archive of information and stats for the Straightshots Pool League (now renamed the Straightshots Multi-Gaming League).

For many years SS was one of the most active leagues in MyLeague Pool, playing in 'All Mixed Up' under the Beginners tab in Yahoo Pool. Although not as active as we used to be, due to a general decline in numbers throughout Yahoo Pool, we always did our best to hold tournaments as often as we can for our members

Sadly, Yahoo decided to phase out the pool game played for many years at the end of March 2014, introducing an inferior version and forcing leagues to depart to new gaming sites. In doing that, they decimated a worldwide pool community and virtually signed the death warrant of interleague competition as we knew it. 

However, in July 2014, after an unsuccessful period in Pogo, SS moved to Gamedesire as a Multi-Gaming League, co-sharing a room with Pool Sharks until PS withered and died a few months later. Whether or not SS returns to playing interleagues remains to be seen but this website remains as a permanent record of many achievements over the years.

Straightshots played in interleagues since 2003 and enjoyed considerable success, winning a total of 68 trophies in a variety of inters competitions. Have a look at our expansive trophy cabinet elsewhere on this website – it's a collection that continues to be the envy of the online pool world! 

By the start of 2015, the number of hits for this website passed 5,000 – thank you to everyone who has supported it! Hopefully you have found it to be an interesting source of SS-related material for one of online pool's longest established leagues.

If you have any queries or require further further information about interleagues or SS please do not hesitate to contact me (via TrillianENDK2016 or email on en_dk@yahoo.com).

The League's website is on http://www.myleague.com/straightshots


The SS Interleague motto

TEAM..."Together Everyone Achieves More" 




Please note that the contents list below is NOT linked to the appropriate pages – please click on the menu links above


• SS-IL COMMENT: The website editorial, news and views page

• SS HISTORY: An overall look at how SS has progressed through the years

• INTERLEAGUES: Summary of most interleague competitions, past and present – and which ones SS compete in currently

• INFORMATION – INTERLEAGUE STATUS EXPLAINED: Definition of team and supplementary interleagues

• WHAT MAKES A GOOD INTERS PLAYER: Brief account of what we require

• SS INTERLEAGUE RULES: Comprehensive rules for players to comply with

• ROLL OF HONOUR: A full list of competition-by-competition successes by Straightshots, both team and individual

• SS INTERS REVIEW: Summaries of SS fortunes in previous years

 SS CAM CUP: The finalists of the Cam Cup competitions

 POOL TIPS: Useful advice about how to become a more accomplished Yahoo Pool player

 ENGLISH SPIN: Understanding and mastering the use of 'English' on the pool table

• UIC SWISS: Everything you need to know about the competition

• BEHIND THE KEYBOARD: Online etiquette – the importance of decency on your keyboard

• ARCHIVE: Some reports from the old home pages worth keeping

• TROPHY CABINET: Album of trophies won during the League's interleague history

• A TRIBUTE TO MLP: SS dedicates a page to the Major League Pool interleague 

• CATCH A CHEAT: Why camming all tourney games in AMU can help catch aimers 

• CASE'S LADDER: Case's Ladder runs MyLeague games, of which pool is just one. This article is a brief history about Case's Ladder

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